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Security Consoles & Packing Materials

Security Consoles and Packing Materials in Tucson, AZ

Although this next addition to the paper shredding business has been a long time in implementing, we are proud to be able to place on location a locked box, or console, for gathering papers into one secure location in Tucson.

Our Security Consoles

The console stands 36 inches tall, 21.5 inches wide and is 16 inches from front to back. This console has a flat top for placing small items, e.g. a fax machine or even a coffee brewer (from our office coffee service) upon it. Inside the console will be placed a canvas bag with a drawstring. The bag will be emptied on schedule (to be determined at the time of placement).

The initial cost for the first pickup of confidential materials will be $60.00, and the cost after that to replace the bag of materials will also be $60.00. An invoice will be left at the time of pick-up and is to be paid through your proper channels.

If there is an interest in having this type of collection bin at your location, please contact us at (520) 292-1350 for more details. As it is sometimes difficult to get this type of console, there may be as much as a two-week wait. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you.

Packing Materials

Here is a great, very inexpensive way to get packing materials for your packing needs. Let Impulses Unlimited LLC provide bags of shredded papers mixed with newspapers and magazines and other recyclable papers. These bags will weigh approximately 25 pounds each and will cost $17.00 per bag. Orders of at least 4 bags will be delivered within the Tucson, Arizona city limits for a $5.00 delivery charge. Please allow at least 3 days for processing these orders. An invoice will be left with you at time of delivery to be paid thru your proper channels. Please try us. We thank you.