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Document Destruction Services Offered in Tucson, AZ

Paper shredding and document destruction greatly reduce your likelihood of being a victim of identity theft. By properly shredding all private and confidential information, you can diminish the chances that identity theft and fraud will affect yourself and your customers, employees, and stockholders.

When in Doubt, Have All the Paper Shredded

Document Shredding

Do not worry about paper clips, staples, binders, or rubber bands. If you have good containers that you wish to keep, then these containers will be returned at no additional charge.

Time of Pick-Up of Material:
Very little notice is required for pick-up. If we are unable to pick up the day that you call, then pick up will be scheduled the next day, or at your convenience. Due to many commitments, larger quantities may take several visits to the account's location.

Competitive Prices:
Currently, the charge in the Tucson area is $17.00 per box. The box size is the standard file box (approximate box size is 12 inches by 15 inches by 10 inches deep.) A larger box (approximately the size of a filing cabinet drawer) is $26.00 per box.

At the time the material is picked up to be destroyed, an invoice will be left to be paid through your proper channels. As the charge is per box, the customer will know exactly what the total cost will be before a decision is made to have the material picked up.

Monthly Shredding Services

Impulses Unlimited LLC has initiated a program whereas the customer may have a monthly pickup of accumulated documents. Currently, monthly shredding accounts are scheduled on Wednesdays. This will be either the first, second, third or fourth Wednesday of each month. The Tuesday before the scheduled Wednesday pickup, the account will be called. There is no obligation to have a pickup for shredding every month. If you have a box to be shredded, then your location will be scheduled for pick-up. If you do not have any materials to be picked up, then you will be called the following month. The charge for the monthly service is $17.00 per box, and there are no additional charges for this monthly service. Also, we work with accounts that require a bin or a locked bin or a bin just for recycling materials. Please ask for details.

Loading File Boxes

Shredding for Individuals

Individuals may want to observe the destruction of their materials. This is allowed by appointment only, and we try to be cordial with everyone to meet their needs. We schedule approximately 15 minutes per box for the destruction, and the cost is $17.00 per box. Please call for details.

Thank you for your consideration. Please call today. Tomorrow the secret may be out. If by chance, as you call various places for prices on the destruction of your materials, please be careful if you are given a price by the pound. This may get very expensive for you.

Personal Shredding

Many of you would like to observe the destruction of your materials. We set appointments for paper shredding so that I know I will be there for your time. We try to accommodate your schedule. If you are unable to set an appointment during the week, then appointments may be made for the weekend. Please try to give me a few days' notice as to fit this in the schedule. Please allocate about 15 minutes of your time per standard box size. Currently, the price per box is $17.00.

Also, there is now destruction of papers with  crosscut shredding. The cost is $19.00 per box for the standard file box.

Thank You and Please Call (520) 292-1350